Keynote Speakers

Prof. Mingcong Deng
IEEE Fellow
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

Speech Title: Nonlinear Vibration Control Design for Smart Materials Actuated & Sensed Nonlinear Systems

Bio: Prof. Mingcong Deng received his PhD in Systems Science from Kumamoto University, Japan, in 1997. From 1997.04 to 2010.09, he was with Kumamoto University; University of Exeter, UK; NTT Communication Science Laboratories; Okayama University. From 2010.10, he has been with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan, as a professor. Prof. Deng specializes in three complementary areas: Operator based nonlinear fault detection and fault tolerant control system design; System design on human factor based robot control; Learning based nonlinear adaptive control. Prof. Deng has over 550 publications including 200 journal papers in peer reviewed journals including IEEE Transactions, IEEE Press and other top tier outlets. He serves as a chief editor for 2 international journals, and associate editors of 6 international journals. Prof. Deng is a co-chair of agricultural robotics and automation technical committee, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society; Also a chair of the environmental sensing, networking, and decision making technical committee, IEEE SMC Society. He was the recipient of 2014 & 2019 Meritorious Services Award of IEEE SMC Society, 2020 IEEE RAS Most Active Technical Committee Award (IEEE RAS Society). He is a fellow of The Engineering Academy of Japan, and a fellow of IEEE.

Prof. Jin-Hyo Boo
President of the Korean Vacuum Society (KVS)
Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea

Speech Title: Development of the New Electrode Materials for Improving the Power Conversion Efficiency of Solar Cells

Bio:Professor Jin-Hyo Boo obtained his B.S. (1985), M.S. (1987), and Ph.D. (1992) degrees from the Sungkyunkwan University. Between 1990 and 1994, he was a commissioned scientific researcher in the Korea Institute of Science & Technology (KIST, 1990-1991) and research scientist in the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT, 1992-1994), respectively. Then, he got a Post-doc. Fellowship from the Institute of Physical & Theoretical Chemistry of Bonn University, Germany (1994-1995) and became invited research associate from the Institute of Applied Physics of the Cornell University, USA (1996-1997). He moved to the Sungkyunkwan University as an assistant professor on 1997 and was promoted to associate professor (2001) and full professor (2006) in Chemistry Department of the College of Science, respectively. He was chairman of chemistry department and director of the Chemical & Biological Detection Research Center (2011-2019). He was a visiting professor in the Bochum University (Germany, 2004), West Bohemia University (Czech Rep, 2004-2005), Fraunhofer-IST Institute (Germany, 2005), and Kyushu University (Japan, 2011-2012, 2016, 2023), Ulm University (Germany, 2016), Technical University of M√ľnchen (Germany, 2022), respectively. He is also an adjunct professor of the Kyushu University (Japan). He is the fellow of the Functional Materials Society (FMS) and executive councilor of the IUVSTA. He was Guest Editor-in-Chief for several international journals such as MRB, SCT, TSF, and JNN, and now serving as one of international advisory editorial board members for Functional Materials Letters and Catalyst. He is currently the president of the Korean Vacuum Society (KVS). He organized many conferences and delivered numerous plenary, keynote, and invited talks in both domestic and international conferences. He published more than 300 papers into peer-reviewed international journals and hold 20 patents. His research interest has been focused on materials & surface chemistry utilizing both air/vacuum and plasma with PVD & CVD methods based on NT, BT, ET, and IT technologies.