Keynote Speakers

Prof. Ramesh Singh
University of Malaya, Malaysia | Deputy Dean (Research)

Professor Ir. Dr. Ramesh Singh has contributed significantly to the development and enhancement in engineering, science & technology in Malaysia, particularly in the field of engineering education and ceramics engineering. He has served in various positions as Programme Coordinator, Director of Research, Chair of the Department of Mechanical Department, University Senate Member, Deputy Dean (Development) and currently serves as the Deputy Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya (UM). He accepted the invitation to take up the position as a Senior Professor (VK06-Grade B) of Mechanical & Materials Engineering in University of Malaya (UM) on January 1st, 2011 based on his notable contribution and achievements in teaching and research in the country. In January 2016 he was promoted to a Senior Professor (VK05-Grade A), thus making him the youngest academician in the country (i.e. at the age of 45 years) to receive such accolade from a premier public Research University due to his excellent service and contribution to the fraternity. UM is the oldest university (112 years old) in Malaysia, and is ranked 27 in the QS Asian University Rankings 2016 and 114 in the QS World University Rankings 2018. The Faculty of Engineering at UM is ranked 35 in the QS World University Rankings by Faculty 2017. Ramesh also holds a joint appointment as an Associate Director with the Engineering Accreditation Department, Board of Engineers Malaysia because of his passion in enhancing the quality of engineering education in Malaysia and for his vast experience in implementing Outcome-Based Education (OBE) in the delivery of engineering curriculum. He was part of the team in leading Malaysia to retain the country’s membership for the 2nd term (2016 to 2021) in the Washington Accord. Prior to his present position at UM, he was with a private university, the University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), from 2000 to 2010 where he was Professor of Mechanical Engineering and served as the Director of Research Management Centre of UNITEN (2009-2010). He has received his PhD. from the University of Sunderland, UK in 1997 with specialisation in Advanced Ceramics. He obtained a 1st class B.Eng. (Hons) Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Sunderland, UK in 1994. Amongst his significant research achievements include the development of an ageing resistant zirconia for steam environment, production of a novel nanostructured hydroxyapatite bioceramic derived from eggshells and bovine bones for orthopaedic applications, and more recently he is working on the tailoring of a novel electrical-conductive ceramic that is able to conduct electric current at room temperature without compromising on the mechanical properties. His work has attracted great interest from industries both local and international such as Spirax Sarco Ltd. UK for the development of zirconia boiler valves and Best Tools Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Thailand for the development of bioinert ceramic drill bits for dentistry application. He has published more than 300 research articles in various ISI/WoS- and Scopus-listed publications. He has filed numerous patents for his inventions and received many accolades as a distinguished scholar. He was the recipient of the prestigious IEM Young Engineer Award and won more than 60 awards both at international/national exhibitions on his research and inventions. He was recognized as the top 12 “Malaysia Engineer Stars” by the Institution of Engineers Malaysia in 2011 and recently in April 2017 he was conferred the Fellow, Academy of Sciences Malaysia for his prolific contribution in the field of engineering education and advancement in ceramics technology in the country. He was the recipient of the prestigious Science & Technology Award 2014 which was awarded by the Malaysia Toray Science Foundation (MTSF) in recognition for his outstanding achievement in Malaysia. Ramesh is a Chartered Engineer with the Engineering Council UK, a Chartered Professional Engineer with Engineers Australia and a Professional Engineer with the Board of Engineers Malaysia. He is a Fellow of five prominent professional societies i.e. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers UK, The Institution of Engineers Australia, Institution of Engineers Malaysia, Institute of Materials Malaysia and Malaysia Scientific Association. He is on the international Editorial Board of Ceramics International (a Web of Science, Tier 1, Elsevier Publication), the Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering (a Scopus-listed publication), Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of The Institute of Materials Malaysia and Journal of Industrial Technology. Besides research excellence, Ramesh is also a distinguished professor in mechanical and materials engineering in the country. He has an excellent track record in teaching and because of his passion in engineering education; Ramesh is able to teach many engineering courses in mechanical, materials, manufacturing and project management. He is currently serving in numerous capacities as external assessor, international industrial advisor, professional mentor, resource person, external examiner, advisor and engineering accreditation panel.


Prof. Ramesh K. Agarwal
Washington University in St. Louis, USA

Professor Ramesh K. Agarwal is the William Palm Professor of Engineering in the department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Washington University in St. Louis. From 1994 to 2001, he was the Sam Bloomfield Distinguished Professor and Executive Director of the National Institute for Aviation Research at Wichita State University in Kansas. From 1978 to 1994, he was the Program Director and McDonnell Douglas Fellow at McDonnell Douglas Research Laboratories in St. Louis. Dr. Agarwal received Ph.D in Aeronautical Sciences from Stanford University in 1975, M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1969 and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India in 1968. Over a period of forty years, Professor Agarwal has worked in various areas of Computational Science and Engineering - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Computational Materials Science and Manufacturing, Computational Electromagnetics (CEM), Neuro-Computing, Control Theory and Systems, and Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization. He is the author and coauthor of over 500 journal and refereed conference publications. He has given many plenary, keynote and invited lectures at various national and international conferences worldwide in over fifty countries. Professor Agarwal continues to serve on many academic, government, and industrial advisory committees. Dr. Agarwal is a Fellow eighteen societies including the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS), American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), American Physical Society (APS), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Royal Aeronautical Society, Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics (CSAA), Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). He has received many prestigious honors and national/international awards from various professional societies and organizations for his research contributions.

"Shape Memory Alloys for Aerospace Applications"

Prof. Changduk Kong
Chosun University, South Korea

Prof. Changduk Kong graduated with a BSc in Aerospace Engineering from the Korea Aerospace University-National (Hons.) and a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the Osaka Prefecture University, Japan.
He worked as Head of the Aero-Propulsion Division of ADD (Agency for Defence Development in1978-1994. He served as Professor at Department of Aerospace Engineering of Chosun University during 1994-2016, and was appointed as Dean of the School of Aerospace and Naval Architecture Engineering in 1999 and 2005-2006, and Dean of the Facility Management Office at Chosun University in 2011-2012. He has served as Visiting Professor at Department of Aerospace Engineering of IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) Kharagpur, India in 2017, Invited Professor at School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering of Korea Aerospace University, in 2016-2018, Invited Professor at Summer School of BUAA(Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), China in 2017, and Emeritus Professor at Department of Aerospace Engineering of Chosun University since 2016. He was invited as Visiting Professor at Department of Aeronautics of Imperial College, UK in 2001-2002.
Prof. Kong has contributed greatly to the development of Aerospace Engineering in Korea, primarily through his roles as a non-standing Director of KIAST(Korea Institute of Aviation Safety Technology) in 2015-2018, a non-standing Director of AMRC(UK)-Korea in 2016-2018, CTO of EGT Company, President of SASE(The Society for Aerospace System Engineering) in 2013-2016, President of ICRC (International Collaboration Research Centre in Natural Composites, Chosun University in 2012-2014, President of KSAS(The Korean Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences in 2010, President of KSPE(The Korean Society of Propulsion Engineers in 2007-2008, Chair of Cycle Innovation-IGTI-ASME in 2009-2011, President of RIME(Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering-Chosun University) in 2006-2008, and First Lieutenant of ROKAF(Republic of Korea Air Forces in 1974-1978.
He has served as Editorial Board Members of IJTJ(International Journal of Turbo & Jet Engines), IJCM(International Journal of Composite Materials), CJS(Chinese Journal of Aeronautics) and AEAT(Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology), and Editor-in-Chief of JKSAS(Journal of Korean Society for Aeronautical and Space Science) and JKSPE(Journal of Korean Society of Propulsion Engineers) in 2006-2010. He received the Korean National Decoration in Science, Academic Achievement Awards from KSAS, SASE and KSPE and the 2015 KAI-KSAS Prize for his scientific achievement and contribution to Korean aerospace development.
Prof. Kong has authored and co-authored more than 616 papers including 67 SCI journal papers, and has received numerous lecture invitations from companies, research institutes and universities and delivered ten keynotes and invited lectures at international conferences. He has organized 25 national conferences, forums and workshops and was co-organiser on four international conferences.

"Structural Design on GFRP Sandwich Composite Wind Turbine Blade for A Medium Scale HAWTS Considering Various Load Cases and Fatigue Life"

Invited Speakers

Prof. Choi Seong Soo
Research Center for Nanobio Science, SunMoon University, and Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea

Seong Soo Choi, Director of Research Center for Nano bioscience, honorary Professor of Physics and Nanoscience, SunMoon University and Sungkyunkwan University. Expertise: Nanofabrication of Plasmonic Nanopore for single molecule analysis, Characterization and Fabrication of Nanostructure.He has published more than 170 papers in journals.

"Plasmonic Optical Tornado via Pyramidal Nano-Aperture"

Prof. Md Mustafizur Rahman
Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia

Prof. Dr. Md. Mustafizur Rahman is a consultant, a researcher working with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang (, Malaysia (UMP). Currently, Prof. Rahman is serving as a Dean of Research, Department of Research and Innovation, University Malaysia Pahang. He served as a Deputy Director as well as acting Director in the Automotive Engineering Centre, UMP. The research work is focused on advanced machining, fatigue fracture, optimization, FEA, internal-combustion engine and alternative fuels. He has published more than 250 papers in international scholarly journals and conferences. He is also the member of Editorial Boards of seven scientific journals, including the Associate Editor in Chief of IJAME and managing Editor of JMES. He has been the technical reviewer for over 25 scientific journals as well as the member of the technical board for conferences. He is the fellow of ACEEE and ISME, senior member of ASME, IACSIT, (mSET) and also members of several professional societies such as IEB; BSME; IAENG. He has been supervising more than15 postgraduate candidates.

Prof. Norhamidi Muhamad
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia