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Chengdu is now one of the most popular travel destinations in China mostly owning to its everlasting history, well-preserved tradition, unique local folks and arts, pleasant weather, developed tourism industry. Among all these features, the two most impressive ones of course are the Giant Pandas and Sichuan Cuisine. As an open, modern and humane city, Chengdu offers you a comfortable and using friendly way to enjoy the fun of travel as much as you can.

Brief Chengdu Travel Guide:

1. Popular attractions: Chengdu Panda Base, Wenshu Temple, Jinli Street, Qingchengshan Mountain, Sanxingdui Museum, Jinsha Site
2. Best time to visit: suitable in all months, summer and autumn are most recommended
3. Main transportation: flight, high speed train, driving
4. Accommodation: flexible choices from luxury class to economy class
5. Chinese Visa Exemption Policies: 72-hour transit visa free

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